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Business Law

Lucas | Savitz provides corporate counsel and business transactional counsel to discerning companies and individuals who benefit from our proven ability to navigate complex business matters on behalf of our clients.  Our firm frequently serves as outside corporate counsel on clients' various commercial transactions, and we have extensive experience negotiating, drafting, and revising commercial agreements on more discrete business matters.

In addition, our firm provides a unique additional layer of legal insight to our corporate clients through our experience in litigating commercial disputes.  Our corporate clients enter business deals with the best transactional intentions.  Yet, savvy businesses recognize the added benefit Lucas | Savitz provides in approaching transactional matters with corporate counsel experienced in corporate litigation:  obtaining up-front litigation protection that minimizes future legal battles and costly financial expense when the best-intentioned business plans go awry.

In each business law matter that our firm handles, we put our experience and skill hard at work in seeking the optimal business outcome for our client.

Representative Matters

Our firm's business law experience spans various industries, including:  real estate, sports and entertainment, marketing, hydrographic printing, agriculture, food and beverage, and medical marijuana.

General Transactional Matters

Lucas | Savitz assists clients in diverse contractual and transactional matters for our clients' business needs.  Our firm is experienced in negotiating, drafting, and revising a wide array of commercial contracts including operating agreements, joint venture agreements, agreements for the acquisition and sale of limited liability company equity interests, license agreements, and corporate nondisclosure agreements.

  • Representing members in the negotiation and drafting of complex limited liability company operating agreements
  • Representing purchasers and sellers in the acquisition and sale of limited liability company membership interests
  • Representing companies in the negotiation and preparation of restrictive covenants (i.e., non-competition and non-solicitation agreements) with employees and business counter-parties
  • Representing companies and investment groups in negotiating corporate nondisclosure agreements during the due diligence phase of potential business and investment opportunities
  • Representing water transfer printing film, equipment, and training company in the negotiation and preparation of copyright and trademark license agreements
  • Representing sporting television shows in the negotiation and preparation of media agreements with sponsors
  • Advising and representing Florida-based agricultural company and affiliated persons and entities, generally, in a broad spectrum of business law matters, ranging from insurance and real estate-related assignments, to finance and corporate law matters

Cannabis Law

Marijuana - both medical and recreational - is a highly-regulated industry that is swiftly expanding across the United States as law and public sentiment rapidly change.  However, navigating the complexities of cannabis law requires astute legal counsel who is sensitive to the intersection - and frequent conflicts - between federal and state law as well as the different laws and business realities among the various states.

Lucas | Savitz has an active cannabis practice advising clients concerning the legal and business complexities associated with the licensing, cultivation, processing, and distribution of marijuana.  While a multitude of actors have suddenly sprouted up in the cannabis arena to "jump on the bandwagon" of this expanding industry, clever "marketing" is no replacement for actual legal experience.  Our firm is actively engaged in complex and significant matters in the cannabis space.

Small Craft Breweries

The proliferation of small craft breweries across the United States symbolizes the growing appreciation and sophistication of fine craft beer.  Opportunities abound for both established businesses and entrepreneurial lovers of craft beer to launch or further develop their specialized breweries, tasting rooms, and unique beer.  However, while a love for exceptional beer and an entrepreneurial spirit are the hallmarks of a small craft brewery, this highly-regulated industry sits at the intersection of myriad legal issues.  Beyond brewing and marketing fine beer, a prosperous craft brewery also must successfully navigate real estate leases, distribution agreements, nondisclosure agreements, vendor contracts, intellectual property, regulatory concerns, partnership issues, and legal disputes.

Lucas | Savitz can effectively assist the small craft brewer by addressing diverse legal issues while simultaneously remaining conscious of business realities.  This experience can help make the difference between a successful small craft brewery and one that fizzes out.